Ec3d Twist Compression Wear

$59.99 CAD

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The ec3d Twist Compression Socks are combination performance and recover compression sock. They are designed to be used during play and after play for recuperation. The current model of the Twist features two places you can twist the sock, the calf for recovery mode and at the arch of the foot to correct pronation or supination.


20-25 mmHg in PERFORMANCE Mode in performance mode

25-30 mmHg in RECOVERY Mode in recovery mode


  • One Sock – 3 Functions
  • Increases Performance
  • Speeds up recovery time
  • Increases arch support with the help of a single Twist

ec3d Twist Compression Socks

The unique design of our Twist Compression Socks enables you to perform and recuperate in one easy twist! Slip on your compression socks and begin your physical activity. Once you are ready to go into recovery mode, slide the top of your sock down to your ankle, twist it outward (180 degree rotation) and pull it back upward. By inverting the compression zones with the color zones, from front to back and vice versa, you will increase the compression between your ankle and your calf by 5 mmHg, thereby helping eliminate toxins and metabolic waste for less aches and fatigue. Achieve better performance and a faster recovery time with the Twist sock!

Our revamped design has a new “Twist”! We’ve added an extra touch to the arch of the foot for added support: ideal to help correct the pronation or supination of the foot and enhance the posture and efficiency of any foot movement.

Content : 85 % Polyamide, 15 % Elastane