EC3d Crew Twist Pink & Grey Compression Socks

$29.99 CAD

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The EC3d Crew Twist Compression Sock is designed for all sports (especially impact sports), from running, to squash, to tennis, the list goes on!

The compression provided by this sock does an incredible job of reducing foot inflammation, improving blood circulation, and eliminating toxins (like lactic acid). The fabric of the sock features moisture control technology with blended microfibres that extract moisture away from the skin.

The EC3d Crew Twist Compression Socks are antimicrobial, meaning that they protect your foot from 99.99% of the bacteria that causes odors. Compression zones are seamless and they target key areas to optimise your body's biomechanics and provide effective blood return and muscle oxygenation. 

EC3d Crew Twist Pink & Grey Compression Socks

Our Crew Twist Compression Socks are specifically designed to support the arch of the foot and stimulate the first blood pump that will help reduce foot inflammation.

The "Twist" design, exclusive to our compression socks, helps correct the pronation or supination of the foot (your stride type). A single twist on one side or the other will help correct either pronation or supination and thus avoid injury. Feel an extra support to the arch and improved foot proprioception.

Our seamless toe box design (at the tip of the foot) provides maximum comfort and helps prevent chafing and irritation. Targeted heel and toe matching also enhances comfort.

Size 2 - Men's US shoe size: 6 - 7, women's US shoe size: 6 - 8
Size 3 - Men's US shoe size: 7 - 9, women's US shoe size: 8 - 10