Dunlop SX 300 Tennis Racquet (2022)

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Brand new from Dunlop, the bold SX 300 Tennis Racquet is engineered for players that are looking to dominate their opponents with heavy topspin.

More spin, more in ...

The racquet is packed to the brim with innovative technologies including Spin Boost Grommets. These grommets allow more string movement which helps create more snap back when used with a modern (co)polyester string which helps to generate some serious spin.

The V-Energy Shaft incorporates a unique V frame geometry to enhance stability and power, and finally, the SonicCore Infinergy lets the user play harder, cleaner shots, with increased comfort using a superelastic dampening material.

The SX 300 with its 100 sq. in. head, 16x19 string pattern and spin boost grommets really does provide near-effortless access to spin. It features a very forgiving sweet spot. 

With SX 300 the 16x19 string pattern is spaced out very wide throughout the hitting zone enhancing the spin the racquet produces over most other 100 sq. in., 16x19 racquets on the market.

With its unstrung weight of 300 grams and its slightly head light balance (4 pts) it provides lots of maneuverability.

With an RA rating of 68, the SX 300 is stiff but Dunlop has some of the best vibration dampening technologies in the game so while stiff, it's comfortable to play with.

If you're a player looking for easy depth and easy to generate topspin the Dunlop SX 300 is an ideal choice for your game ...

Dunlop SX 300 Tennis Racquet (2022)

Dominate the court with control and spin

Improved update of the previous version based on advanced new technologies, which improve comfort and spin levels. Perfect for players who hit the ball with a normal to long swing and who are looking for a balanced combination of power and spin.

Length (CM / IN): 68.6 / 27
Head Size (CM² / IN²): 645 / 100
String Pattern: 16 x 19
Unstrung Weight (G / OZ): 300 / 10.6
Beam Width (MM): 23-26-23
Stiffness (RA): 68
Unstrung Balance (MM): 3320