Dunlop Silk Pro 16 Gauge Tennis String Set

$24.95 CAD

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Check out the Silk Pro 16G Tennis String from Dunlop, it's perfect for players looking for comfort when hitting the ball with spin.

Manufactured using a unique multifilament featuring a compressed microfibre core, this string also comprises of monofilament outer wraps for enhanced durability. The Silk Pro string has a hexagonal shape to it, offering boosted spin in comparison to round multifilament strings.

Dunlop have also used Thermo-Elastic PU to coat the outer of the string to ensure optimum snapback, which further enhances spin!

Dunlop Silk Pro 16 Gauge Tennis String Set

Play smoother shots

A premium multifilament string with a unique hexagonal profile. Delivers excellent comfort and spin generation. The microfibre central core delivers additional power.