Dunlop Revelation 125 Squash Racquet

$129.95 CAD

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Looking to up the pace of your game? Looking to control the T, and volley everything in sight?! The Dunlop Revelation 125 is a racquet you need.

If you're looking for maneuverability, especially during a fast paced game, this racquet is perfect! With a frame weight of only 125 grams and an 'extra head light' balance point, the Revelation assists a fast, short swing, making volleying feel like a piece of cake!

This racquet's head size is 500cm2, which is on the larger side, giving it a much more forgiving sweet spot.

Don't be fooled by the Revelation's light weight, you can still pack a punch with a fast short swing if you want to...

Dunlop Revelation 125 Squash Racquet

Head Size: 500 sq cm
Frame Weight: 125g
Balance: Extra Head Light
String Pattern: 14x18
String Tension: 20-30lbs/9-14kg

Racquet comes strung and without a cover.