Dunlop PSA Squash 12 Racquet Thermo

$179.99 CAD

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Wow, what a bag! Check out the PSA 12 Racquet Thermo Squash Bag from Dunlop...

With space in 3 main compartments for up to 12 of your favourite racquets, you can be sure that the 12 Racquet Thermo will cater to all your equipment carrying needs. One of the racquet sections is also thermally insulated to protect your racquets and strings. The bag also comes with flexible dividers to keep your kit organised, as well as a ventilated shoe compartment, two compartments for clothes and four outer pockets for your accessories and smaller valuables!

To top all that off, it's a stunning looking bag!

Dunlop PSA Squash 12 Racquet Thermo

Three main compartments for rackets (one with thermo insulation). One shoe compartment with ventilation and two compartments for clothes with ventilation. There are also four minor compartments outside for accessories and valuables. Plus a new ergonomic shoulder strap to carry it all in comfort.

Size (cm): 78x45.5x35
Volume (l): 85