Dunlop Precision Elite Squash Racquet (18/19)

$189.95 CAD

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The Dunlop Precision Elite Squash Racquet is a powerful, easy to play with racquet that has a massive sweet spot!

The 500cm2 head, open 14x18 stringing pattern and 135 gram racquet give this frame lots of natural power and l arge forgiving sweet spot. Dunlop lists the racquet has head light but we have found the balance to be more towards the head. Dunlop has gone back to their more traditional squared off head shape with this edition of the racquet. The Elite is the model endorsed by Gregory Gaultier, highest PSA ranking #1.

If you love the "Dunlop Feel", want a powerful racquet with a huge sweet spot the Precision Elite is designed just for you!

Dunlop Precision Elite Squash Racquet (18/19)

Plant your shots with power

The conventional head shape gives you great control, while the larger head size packs more power. All thanks to a 14x18 string pattern. This is what power looks like.

Head Size: 500 cm2
Bare frame Weight: 135g
Balance: Head Light
String pattern: 14 x 18