Dunlop Iconic Pro AF 17G Squash String Set

$19.99 CAD

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Used by Ali Farag, one of our generations best squash players, the Dunlop Iconic Pro AF String provides users with unrivalled power and superior comfort with every shot.

This premium multifilament string really has a great feeling to it, you can be sure that your arm will feel minimal impact when you're hitting the ball with pace, even if you miss the sweet spot every now and again.

The Iconic Pro AF's main feature is power, it allows you to repeatedly apply pace to your shots to put some serious pressure on your opponent. This 17 gauge version is a little thicker than the 18 gauge version, meaning that it should stand the test of time (which is ideal if you're going to be cracking every shot with power)!

Dunlop Iconic Pro AF 17G Squash String Set

Hit with power and comfort thanks to super-premium, multifilament strings. As used by Team Dunlop player, Ali Farag