Dunlop Galactica Lite Padel Racquet

$229.99 CAD

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If you're a control focused player who likes to deliver accurate and precise winners one after another then you should probably check out the Dunlop Galactica Lite Padel Racquet...

Weighing 355 grams and coming with a medium balance point, this racquet is a great all-rounder. You can guide in precise shots but you can also generate some powerful strikes too! It's worth noting that, if you're looking for something a little heavier, you should check out the Galactica Padel Racquet that weighs 10 grams more.

The Galactica Lite has super-premium high-modulus carbon fibre fabric weave incorporated into the racquet face construction for optimum consistency and performance. The low-density elastic EVA core combines with this fabric for exceptional comfort and feel, with extra power at low swing speeds.

The racquet's unique 360º design delivers optimal structural reinforcement at the base of the blade to give you maximum stability and exceptional control, plus, last but not least, the rough finish on the Galactica Lite's surface lets you hit with some serious spin!

Dunlop Galactica Lite Padel Racquet

Super-premium 12K Carbon construction for maximum consistency and performance in all shots. Tri-Max reinforcement provides stability for increased control and Extra Grip ensures additional spin for more penetrating shots. New injection bumper along the frame for increased durability.

Series: Pro
Head shape: Hybrid
Weight: 355g
Balance: Medium
Thickness/Profile (mm): 38
Core: Ultra Soft