Dunlop CX Red & Black Tennis Dampeners (2-pack)

$5.99 CAD

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Looking to reduce vibrations in your tennis racquet? The stylish red & black CX Tennis Dampeners from Dunlop will do the job!

Designed for optimum shock absorption with even the hardest of shots, these dampeners are easy to put on your strings and are manufactured using high-quality silicone to further enhance feel.

Coming in a handy two-pack, you can make sure two of your favourite racquets have the same levels of vibration!

Dunlop CX Red & Black Tennis Dampeners

This easy-to-install, premium vibration dampener is constructed from high-quality silicone to efficiently remove all\ string vibration and enhance the feel of your racket. 2 pieces in each pack. Comes in red/black and yellow/black.