Dunlop Aerostar Padel Racquet

$329.95 CAD

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The Dunlop Aero-Star Padel Racquet is the ultimate premium performance racquet for playing harder, cleaner shots, with comfort!

This racquet's new upgraded 16K Carbon weave is applied to the bat construction to give it increased structural strength and superior performance in comparison to older models. This durable racquet has structural reinforcement applied around the bridge area, and, the Tri-Clamp provides additional stability and control with lower air resistance for increased swing speed and manoeuvrability.

The awesome Aero-Star Padel Racquet sports a diamond head shape, weighs 365 grams, and has an even balance point meaning that you can really get some weight behind your shots to hit with power and precision.

Infinergy® technology is also applied strategically in the racquet's frame at 3 and 9 o’clock positions to provide some extra rebound for more power. It also has additional vibration absorption properties for more comfort and feel on impact.

The medium-density elastic Pro EVA core combines with this triple-layer fabric and Dunlop's unique resin system for optimum consistency and performance. Plus, last but not least, the Hyper Gryp finish on the Aero-Star's surface lets you hit with some serious spin!

Dunlop Aerostar Padel Racquet

Super-premium 16K Carbon construction for maximum consistency and performance. The Tri-Clamp reinforcement provides stability for increased control and reduced drag for increased swing speeds and power in attacking shots. The exclusive Power Holes drilled hole pattern generates additional power on attacking shots and Hyper Gryp textured finish generates additional spin for more penetrating shots.

Series: Pro
Head shape: Diamond
Weight: 365g
Balance: Medium
Thickness/Profile (mm): 38
Core: Pro EVA