Cornilleau Pro Table Tennis Ball (6-Pack)

$6.99 CAD

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If you're just getting started in the world of ping pong and are looking for a great intro ball, the Cornilleau P-Ball ABS Evolution 1-Star Table Tennis Ball is great for beginner players just starting out on their journey.

These white ping pong balls incorporate an ABS evolution CellFree formula to adhere to the latest and greatest standards of table tennis. They are 40 mm in diameter (the official size for the ITTF) and they have a 1-star rating too.

This handy six-pack also ensures that you won't be running out of balls any time soon!

Cornilleau P-Ball ABS Evolution 1-Star Table Tennis Ball 6-Pack

Pack of 6 training Cornilleau balls for intensive use. Official size ping pong balls for the ITTF which is 40mm.