Karakal SN-90 FF Squash Racquet (2019)

$189.99 CAD

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The lightest racquet in Karakal's new range, introducing the SN-90 FF, weighing only 90 grams unstrung, you can expect to generate some serious head speed...

The SN-90 FF comes fully strung with Karakal's own Hot Zone 120 Yellow squash strings using a slightly dense 14x19 fanned string pattern and a small 455cm2 head size to give you a bit of extra control. The frame is constructed using Fast Fibre Carbon Gel, making it solid and durable, and it comes with one of the most popular grips in the sport, the PU Super Grip!

If you're the sort of player who likes to use a short punchy swing and take a lot of volleys, this racquet is ideal for you. 

Karakal SN-90 FF Squash Racquet

To keep the weight of this racket down the design is kept very simple, with minimal decals and no paintwork.

We have updated the look this year with a decal under the Crystal-clear grommet set bringing a splash of colour to this minimalist design. The addition of our Hot Zone Strings in red really lift the cosmetics giving an eye-catching new look. The hugely popular SN90 is constructed using Fast Fibre Carbon Gel. The addition of Fast Fibre to this already super light racket allows you to create more head speed and generate even more power.

Weight: 90g
Original Strings: Karakal Hot Zone 120
Headsize: 455 cm²
String Pattern: 14x19
Balance: Head Heavy (365mm)