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BV Sport Booster Elite Red/Black Calf Sleeves

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The BV Sport Booster Elite Red/Black Calf Sleeves are designed for the athlete that takes their body and performance seriously. The Booster Elite features targeted compression which allows the calf sleeves to target the different areas of your calf with the appropriate amount of compression to maximize performance. The Booster Elite are only to be used during sport they are not to be used during the recovery phase. If you are looking to take your movement to the next level and are looking for a compression calf sleeve to maximize your muscle performance the BV Sport Booster Elite are exactly what you are looking for. See below the sizing chart for more information on the Calf Sleeve from BV Sport.

The BV Sport Booster Elite are used by Gregory Gaultier, ranked as high as #1 on the PSA Squash Tour.

Sizing Chart


BV Sport Booster Elite Red/Black Calf Sleeve

The BOOSTER was created in 2003 in collaboration with the FrenchTrack and Field 4x100 Relay Team and the BV SPORT research and Development Centre. The product is the result of exertion-specific manufacturing technology.

The Booster encourages the vertical movement of the leg muscles and soleus by reducing oscillatory movement, the source of fatigue and muscular injuries. Moreover, the BOOSTER reduces muscular vibration and improves the contraction and toning of muscles.

The progressive compression BV SPORT patent) improves venous return and promotes the oxygenation of muscles, tendons and ligaments during physical exertion, thus optimising athletic performance.

Modern imaging (MRI and echo-Doppler) has allowed a new definition of the function of the sports person’s calf, real peripheral heart. The conclusions of our most recent scientific research into the muscular and vascular physiology and anatomy of the leg have enabled us to develop and adjust our Booster Elite.

1 – COMPRESSION OF THE CALF (peripheral heart)

Calculated, adapted pressures to optimize the muscular and vascular performance of the calf.

Light pressure on the ankle: respect of anatomical structures

System patented by BV SPORT and validated by highly conclusive scientific studies

Patent PCT/FR97/01892

Patent PCT/FR00/01956


Specific lightweight knitting at tibia level.

Protection of the pretibial sensitive structures: periosteum, superficial nerves and microcirculation


As close as possible to the anatomy and physiology of the calf.

Optimizes the performance of the propulsory muscles of the calf.


Supports the Achilles’ tendon

Improves the tonicity of the stabilizer muscles of the calf and reduces parasite vibrations and oscillations.


Cross-section thin stranded thread charged with ceramic-based nanoparticles.

This new thread favours the venous return and improves thermoregulation.


Reinforced knitting at calf level. It improves the muscular support of the calf, it reduces the oscillatory movements and vibrations witch could be at the origin of heaviness or muscular injuries.


The BOOSTER range is manufactured on medical circular knitting machines and bears the CE marking, thus conferring on our products the same control and strictness as those applied to a medicinal product.


Polyamide: 69%

Elastane: 21%

Thread (ceramic): 10%

Use / how to slip the socks on / Washing :

- Never use your BOOSTER during the recovery phasis. During your trips in car, bus, train, flight. When sleeping.

Prefer PRORECUP ELITE RANGE during the recovery phasis and the CONFORT range for a daily use and when you are travelling..

- This is an asymetric sock. The BVSPORT LOGO should be in front, under the knee cap. The Booster logo should be outside ( external side of the calf).

- Washing machine at 30° maximum or by hand. Dry naturally. No tumble dryer.