Black Knight

Black Knight Ion Quartz PSX Squash Racquet

$178.50 CAD

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If you are looking for a racquet to help with power and really allow you to attack the ball quickly the Black Knight Ion Quartz PSX is a brilliant racquet. It is fairly light at 130 grams but it also plays lighter than that due to its head light balance. Black Knight gives it a dynamic weight of 125 grams. Its weight and balance make the racquet quick to volley with. Its large tear drop head is what helps it deliver such excellent power. The combination of speed and power make this a lethal weapon. It comes with all of Black Knight newest technologies: Thin-K, Thermal Core, Hyper 16K Tensile Fibre, Power Surge and the Power of 6.

Black Knight Ion Quartz PSX Squash Racquet

String : Ashaway Supernick XL Micro Black
Recommended Tension : 26 lbs
Rigidity Index : 93
Avg. Frame Weight : 130 grams
String Area : 500 cm2
Dynamic Weight : 125

Racquet comes strung and without a cover