Black Knight

Black Knight Instinct Squash Racquet

$110.50 CAD

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With a finished weight of 140 grams, the Black Knight Instinct is prime for assisting your all round game.

Whilst it is heavy enough to access powerful shots on court (which can be attributed to a slightly head heavy balance point), it is still light enough to maintain maneuverability and assist a short swing.

Coming with a radical cushion grip and made using Thermal Core Carbon, the frame of the Instinct is extremely responsive resulting in the best of both worlds, the control of a stiffer frame and the power of a more flexible frame.

Designed with a teardrop head shape and a generous head size, the Black Knight Instinct racquet is perfect if you have to react to a fast ball form a hard hitting opponent, an off-centre hit will be generously forgiven.

Black Knight Instinct Squash Racquet

Head size: 490 cm2
Dynamic weight: 125 grams
Frame weight: 130 grams
Material: Thermal Core Carbon
RF: 88
String pattern: 14x18
Balance: head heavy

Racquet comes strung and without a cover.