Black Knight

Black Knight Great White Demon Squash Racquet

$189.95 CAD

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An ultra-strong, powerful, reliable and durable squash racquet. Absolutely ideal for any player serious about their doubles game!

Made with doubles in mind, the Great White Demon has an extra thick throat and bridge, making it very durable and reliable.

This racquet weighs140 grams, which you can use to get some serious power behind your shots. However, balance-wise this racquet is actually headlight, meaning you can still access a shorter, faster swing if you need to.

Strung with a dense 16 x 19 string pattern, and coming with a 500cm2 head size, you should have no problem at all finding the sweet spot!

Black Knight Great White Demon Squash Racquet

The Great White Demon has a thick bridge and throat, and Power Surge to the shaft, to make this racquet a powerful choice for doubles. If you are serious about your doubles game this is the racquet to use, with its increased stiffness, added power and enhanced vibration dampening attributes. In addition to the Power Surge shaft it also features Black Knight’s latest technologies such as NCT, Power of 6, 16K and BK’s Thermal Core technology. The Great White Demon is strung with Ashaway SuperNick ZX.

Designed for the advanced to professional player. This is John White’s choice for hardball doubles.

Technologies included: Power Surge, BK’s Thermal Core technology (TC), NCT, 16K Fibre, Power of 6

  • Head Size: 500 sq. cm
  • String: Ashaway SuperNick ZX
  • String Tension: 25-29
  • Rigidity (RF): 94 stiff
  • Frame Weight: 140g
  • Dynamic Weight: 135
  • Balance: Head light

Racquet comes strung and without a cover.