Black Knight

Black Knight Broadsword TC Squash Racquet

$119.95 CAD

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The Black Knight Broadsword TC Squash Racquet provides a perfect mash-up of control and power and is ideal for intermediate squash players looking to up their game...

The racquet has a head light balance point giving it a little bit of extra maneuverability, however, it's on the heavier side with a 140 gram frame weight, so you can still access some power with your swing.

The Broadsword TC has an incredibly large sweetspot which forgives off centre hits and the racquet's dense 16x19 string pattern also gives excellent control when slicing the ball into the front. The Broadsword TC is also mid level with regards to stiffness meaning that the player can feel the ball well.

Finally, just look at the fiery colour scheme!

Black Knight Broadsword TC Squash Racquet

The Black Knight Broadsword TC squash racquet, constructed with Carbon 4 and XMG features a large bridged head for a large, wide sweet spot. This model features BK's revolutionary "Thermal Core Technology" (TC), where the racquet is pressurized with superheated air while it is being cured. This creates uniform curing inside the frame and out, so that the racquet will have greater durability and a more responsive hit. This racquet is a very player-friendly frame and is quick and easy to swing racquet for intermediate players. It is strung with Ashaway's newest, SuperNick ZX Micro and has a Rad Cushion Grip for superior grip control.

Frame Weight: 140g
String: Ashaway SuperNick ZX Micro
Rigidity Index: 88
Grip: Rad cushion
String Area: 490 cm2