Babolat Tour Original Overgrips (3 Pack)

$9.99 CAD

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Looking for a grip that's not going to be rough on your hands? Well, with the Babolat Tour Orginal Overgrip, comfort is the focus!

What makes this overgrip unique is that Babolat have used a small amount of silk material (Silk Power Technology) which helps keep the grip soft and your hand dry. The Babolat Tour Original Overgrip is incredibly absorbent and, since it comes in a handy 3 pack, you can be sure that you won't run out mid-match.

Babolat Tour Original Overgrips (3 Pack)

You told us you need absorption to play each point with full confidence, but you hate that tacky feel that most over grips feature today. This is the reason why we incorporated some silk material within the Tour Original, that will provide you with this soft and dry feel you’ve been looking for.