Babolat Technical Vertuo Padel Racquet

$219.99 CAD

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If you're the type of player who values precision and loves power, then the Babolat Tech Vertuo Padel Racquet has got you covered...

When creating the Tech Vertuo, Babolat has mainly used flexible materials that allow players to benefit from the elasticity of the paddle's surface. This 'Carbon Flex' technology features a weave of carbon and fiberglass to create a that gives users access to effortless power.

The Tech Vertuo has a maneuverable weight of 355 grams which is the source of the racquet dynamic nature, allowing you to react fast and play even faster. The pattern of holes of this racquet is uniquely adapted to its diamond head shape, helping users access some serious precision too.

Although it's light, this racquet's head-heavy balance point still allows you to get every bit of weight behind your shots, giving you some serious power that is further enhanced by the carbon surface EVA technology. 

The Tech Vertuo is also incredibly comfortable to play with, thanks to extensive research from the Babolat team, this racquet isn't as stiff and rigid as many others due to its integration of new VIBRABSORB SYSTEM² technology (powered by SMAC).

Last but by no means least, this racquet features raised patterns and a rough finish on its surface, giving players access to some exceptional spin.

Babolat Technical Vertuo Padel Racquet

We all want to score points… We all are STRIKERS! 

This is one of our study's conclusions that allowed us to identify different players profiles. Among them, the technical striker wants to drive the game and use both skills and strength to make the difference.

To fit perfectly this profile's needs, we've developed the Technical Vertuo that gives both easy power and preciseness in attacking shots.

The softest version of this new generation of racquet will encourage you to smash it and be a TECHNICAL STRIKER.

Player Typology: Technical Striker
Head Shape: Diamond
Composition: Carbon frame, Fiberglass surface, and EVA Core
Weight: 355 g +/- 10g
Thickness: 38 mm
Balance Type: Head heavy