Babolat RPM Blast Rough 17g Tennis String Set

$24.95 CAD

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Are you the type of player that likes to attack the ball with a long fast swing? Babolat's RPM Rough 17 Gauge Tennis String is absolutely ideal for just that!

In terms of feel, t's worth noting that compared to the 16 and 15L versions, the 17 gauge version allows the user to have a greater feel of the ball but as a result the string may be slightly less durable. In comparison to Babolat's RPM Blast string, the RPM Rough string is more grippy and has more texture, making it a great string if you're looking to stick some spin on the ball. Regarding shape, the Babolat RPM Rough string is made from co-polymer monofilament with an octagonal shape to it, and a cross-linked silicone coating!