Babolat Rbel Pickleball Paddle

$169.99 CAD

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The Babolat Rbel Pickleball Paddle is perfect for fast-paced pickleball players who love to control the pace of play and take the ball early...

Weighing 215g, the Babolat Rbel is lightweight, meaning that you can use quick hands right at the kitchen lines to catch your opponents off-guard, however, the durable, lightweight, and versatile EVA enclosed Polypropylene honeycomb core allows users of the Babolat MNSTR to deliver these fast-paced strikes with accuracy too.

Thanks to RPM Max Grit technology and rough paddle face (that features the maximum grit allowed by USA Pickleball) you can generate attacking topspin and deadly slices from anywhere on the court.

Babolat Rbel Pickleball Paddle

The Babolat RBEL pickleball paddle is perfect for performance players who prefer a lighter paddle for maneuverability and "fast hands." RPM Max Grit technology generates impressive spin on every shot with the maximum grit allowed by USA Pickleball. The Babolat RBEL pickleball paddle will help you win those battles at the kitchen line with the quickest hands on the court.

Shape: Traditional
Weight: 215 g +/- 5g / 7.6 oz
Length: 410 mm / 16.1 in
Width: 198 mm / 7.8 in
Handle Length: 5"
Core Thickness: 14 mm / 0.55 in
Edgeguard: 1/5" overlapping paddle face
Core Material: EVA enclosed Polypropylene honeycomb core
Face Material: Rough paint
Approved: USA Pickleball Approved