Babolat Pure Drive 25" Junior Tennis Racquet

$139.95 CAD

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The Babolat Pure Drive 25" Junior Tennis Racquet is perfect for young and up-and-coming tennis players aged between 7 and 11 looking to start injecting some power into their game without compromising on comfort and accuracy...

Babolat has done an incredible amount of research when creating and curating their junior tennis racquets, this is why they produce some of the best junior racquets on the market (such as the Pure Drive 25")! With this racquet, Babolat have used a thin racquet handle that's perfect for smaller hands as well as a 16x17 string pattern for greater comfort and to reduce the risk of injury.

The Pure Drive 25" Junior Tennis Racquet also has a medium weighting (for the racquet's recommended age group) of 230 grams which further reduces the risk of arm injuries. The frame features a graphite core and a large 645cm2 aluminium head for the perfect balance of power and playability.

Babolat Pure Drive 25" Junior Tennis Racquet

Just for kids! Extensive studies on junior players’ morphology and tennis capabilities guided the design of the Drive Jr. The result? A racquet range that will help your junior learn tennis techniques and tactics faster. And we didn’t stop with the racquet specs. The Drive Jr also comes in an alternative cosmetic, allowing your junior to pick a racquet color that reflects their unique style.

The Drive Jr 25 is recommended for juniors whose height is between 130 and 140 cm (51-55 in).

Head Size: 645 cm²
Length: 635 mm / 25 in
Weight (unstrung): 230 g +/- 7g
Balance (unstrung): 315 mm +/- 7mm
Swing Weight: 200
Stringing Pattern: 16/17
Kid Size for Racquet: 51 - 55 in
Stiffness (RA): 64
Section: 23-23-21
Composition: Graphite composite