Babolat Pure Aero "Rafa" Backpack

$144.99 CAD

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One of the coolest looking bags we've seen here at Control the 'T' Sports, the Babolat Pure Aero "Rafa" Backpack is perfect for travelling players on-the-go looking to transport their kit from place to place...

The backpack has an isothermal waterproof racquet compartment with space for up to three racquets and, if you're not bringing a racquet with you, this versatile bag's racquet compartment can be folded down to give you space for anything else you want to bring. The Babolat Pure Aero "Rafa" Backpack also features a built-in laptop compartment and an accessories pocket for smaller valuables.

Finally, just look at that awesome black, orange, and purple colour scheme, it's absolutely stunning!

Babolat Pure Aero "Rafa" Backpack

Make an impression as soon as you step on the court.

You can carry all the equipment you need to play tennis
in the elegant and practical Pure Aero Rafa backpack.

The isothermal compartment can hold up to 3 racquets.

Not carrying a racquet? The dedicated compartment can be folded away and held in place with its magnetic fastening. There’s all the room you need in the other spaces to carry your clothes, laptop and accessories.

This bag is also equipped with our new colour-free lining made from 100% recycled PET. Because dye-free is better for the planet.