Babolat Pure Aero "Rafa" Black, Orange, & Purple 12 Racquet Bag

$199.99 CAD

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One of the coolest looking bags we've seen here at Control the 'T' Sports, the Babolat Pure Aero "Rafa" 12 Racquet bag is perfect for travelling players looking to transport all the kit they need from place to place...

With enough space for up to 12 of your favourite racquets, this bag has a 2x racquet section, a 4x racquet section, and a 6x racquet section, all of which are 100% insulated to protect them from the elements. The Pure Aero "Rafa" 12 Racquet Bag also has a vented, waterproof, clear view shoe compartment which is incredibly easy to clean.

The bag also features two side pockets for accessories, balls, and more, and it features three handles (two in the middle and one on the top) as well as adjustable comfortable shoulder straps. Finally, just look at that awesome black, orange, and purple colour scheme, it's absolutely stunning!

Babolat Pure Aero "Rafa" Black, Orange, & Purple 12 Racquet Bag

Own the court, the second you step in.

Babolat RH12 PURE Racquet Holder have quickly became a reference thanks to it’s design and smart functions. Since then, we never stopped improving our products, making sure to bring you more comfort, more organization capacity, more protection for your racquets.

This new RH12 PURE AERO RAFA is engineered for performance players looking for the best bag to carry and protect their whole equipment. Stay focus on the match while your gears are well organized. We completely reorganized the space to make your day better this bag is fully insulated , a huge volume center compartment, a new transparent shoe compartment, a x4 insulated compartment and sides accessories pockets. You will find what you need into the blink of an eye.

And because we wanted to make things even better, This bag integrate our new “color free” lining, which is made of 100% recycled PET and dye free, so we do not waste water on uselessly dying our lining anymore. The inside of your bag is completely white, which make it even easier to organize and identify what you are looking for.

Incredibly stylish this new RH12 come with a new powerful AERO RAFA design