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B Yoga B MAT Everyday Yoga Mat (4mm)

$83.99 CAD

Deep Purple
Ocean Green
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If you're searching for a mat to use for yoga and other home workout routines, take a look at the B Yoga B MAT Everyday Mat (4mm)!

B Yoga are specialists in yoga equipment and their mats are renowned for their durability and reliability. Created for the real world, to meet the needs of real people, the Everyday B Yoga Mat puts an emphasis on comfort, performance, and contemporary design.

We've got three beautiful colour selections in the Everyday Mat (4mm), charcoal, deep purple, and ocean green.

B Yoga B MAT Everyday Mat (4mm)

Your everyday mat. B MAT® Everyday offers superior grip, cushioning, with a lightweight construction, allowing you to use it day in and day out for any type of practice you fancy.

Weight: 4.1lbs

Lighter coloured yoga mats are more prone to showing stains than the deeper coloured mats.