Asics Intensity Single Tab Socks 3-Pack White

$14.99 CAD

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Brimming with Asics technology, the Intensity Single Tab Sock ticks all the boxes for comfort, durability, and fit... and it comes in a pack of 3!

The sock has a soft sole and lace pad cushioning to enhance comfort levels and its single tab ankle fit helps protect your ankle from irritation. The Intensity Single Tab sock is made from 52% polyester, 45% nylon, and 3% spandex, and its moisture management technology with knit-mesh allow extra breathability and ventilation.

Fit wise, this sock has an arch band for added support and is constructed without a seam at the toe, eliminating bulk in that area.

Asics Intensity Single Tab Socks White

Targeted cushioning to the toe, heel, and lace pad keep feet comfortable in our ASICS Intensity™ single tab sock.

Sizing Guide

S (Women's 6-7.5)
M (Women's 8-9.5/Men's 7-9)
L (Women's 10+/Men's 9.5-11.5)
XL (Men's 12+)