Asics Gel Resolution 8 Limited Edition Future Tokyo Black/Sunrise Red Men's Tennis Shoes

$179.99 CAD

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An absolutely awesome pair of shoes from Asics, check out this limited edition version of the renowned Gel Resolution 8 Men's Tennis Shoe...

Packed to the brim with unbeatable Asics technology, the Gel Resolution 8 has a Flexion Fit upper combined with Dynawall technology to offer excellent support and stability in the middle of the shoe, making it great for assisting with the high-impact lateral movements used in tennis. This shoe also features Asics' infamous Gel technology in the heel and forefoot to add a bit of extra cushioning and support. 

Although the Gel Resolution 8 has that 'close-to-the-ground' feel from the Gel sole, it is still constructed with durability in mind and features Ahar compound in the outsole and PGuard to protector at the front to boost traction and reduce wear from drag. Last but not least, just take a look at that awesome stealthy black colourway, this a pair that will certainly draw some eyes.

Asics Gel Resolution 8 Limited Edition Future Tokyo Black/Sunrise Red Men's Tennis Shoes

The GEL-RESOLUTION™ 8 tennis shoe features a limited model colorway, while its advanced componentry promotes a responsive stride with a close-to-the-court feel.

The FLEXION FIT™ upper provides form-fitting support with the integration of DYNAWALL™ technology, which offers added midfoot stability during lateral movements and coast-to-coast coverage. Implementing a torque control feature in the heel counter, this shoe is also designed to help maintain a locked-in feel during quick transitions.

Recognized for its signature GEL™ technology-based cushioning in the heel and forefoot, this shoe significantly reduces the impact of shock from abrupt stop and go movements on court. Additionally, the model also incorporates an AHAR™ compound in the outsole that works in conjunction with the PGUARD™ toe protector to increase traction on court and reduce the overall level of wear.

Creating an accelerated response with a natural close-to-the-ground feel, the GEL-RESOLUTION™ 8 limited model tennis shoe helps you to approach your matches with confidence.