Asics Gel Blade 8 Men's Midnight & Hazard Green Indoor Court Shoes

$139.99 CAD

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The latest version of an all-time favourite from Asics, the new Gel Blade 8 is an awesome performance indoor court shoe that's ideal for fast-paced movements and changing direction.

This revolutionary shoe incorporates a number of technologies including TPU TRUSSTIC™ for improved stability, X GUIDANCE™ for boosted flexibility and agility during multi-directional movements, and of course, Asics' renowned GEL® cushioning that provides excellent shock absorption, especially with heavy strides.

The Gel Blade 8 sports no-sew overlays, a raised heel collar height, and a reconstructed upper that helps hold your foot in place and optimise stability and support. If you're looking for a low-to-the-court shoe that allows you to optimise speed and explosive movements, we'd highly recommend the Gel Blade 8! 

Asics Gel Blade 8 Men's Midnight & Hazard Green Indoor Court Shoes

The GEL-BLADE™ 8 shoe creates good support for squash and badminton players engaging in multi-directional movements. Practical for diagonal court coverage, this shoe helps you push your body and mind to new boundaries.

The upper has been reconstructed to promote a more supportive foothold. It keeps your foot locked-in when making quick transitions.

By raising the heel collar height, this shoe offers more stability while allowing your foot to move more freely.

We redesigned the outsole with our X GUIDANCE™ technology for improved diagonal court coverage. This function increases flexibility and allows you to move more easily on the court.