Asics Blast FF 2 Women's White & French Blue Indoor Court Shoes

$179.99 CAD

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If you're looking for a supportive shoe that still has flexibility then the Blast FF 2 might be the shoe for you!

The Blast FF 2 indoor court shoe is ideal for squash players as it is manufactured to support and protect when performing explosive movement and changing direction. Lateral movement and pivoting are both the focus of this newest version of the Blast FF, the shoe also has improved flexibility to give you that little bit of extra spring and freedom.

Asics have implemented a few of their innovative technologies into this shoe, including the TRUSSTIC™ component that helps stabilisation, DYNAWRAP™ technology to securely hold your foot in place and keep it from moving around, and also FLYTEFOAM™ Propel technology in the midsole to allow improved power transfer. Phew!

Asics Blast FF 2 Women's White & French Blue Indoor Court Shoes

The BLAST FF™ 2 model is made for indoor court sports like handball. It's an excellent choice for power players looking for advanced support and flexibility. They want their shoes to protect and support them in aggressive movements. This shoe improves upon its predecessor by helping maintain power during pivot and side-to-side movements. This update also has improved flexibility that's complemented with a protective, spring-loaded underfoot feel.

This shoe offers a supportive fit, thanks to the no-sew mesh application that promotes a customized feel by adapting to the foot's natural motion. The TRUSSTIC™ component helps stabilize the foot during side-to-side and turn back motions by wrapping the rear lateral portion of the midsole, simultaneously allowing smooth transitions in between each stride. This is complemented by DYNAWRAP™ technology, which is composed of two supportive panels that run from the base of the laces and over the arch and midfoot to the midsole — wrapping the foot with a secure hold during abrupt turns or side-to-side movements.

Energized with FLYTEFOAM™ Propel technology in the midsole, this shoe allows better bounceback to deliver power transfer from one foot to the other on court. An excellent choice for power players looking for that magic combination of power, support and advanced flexibility.