Black Knight 8110 Super Lite Classic Squash Racquet

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Black Knight 8110 Superlite Classic Squash Racquet

There are racquets that are designed to replicate classics and then there is the real thing.  The Black Knight 8110 Super Lite Classic has been around of well over a decade and is still going strong.  It is not a replica of a Classic it is as its name indicates a Classic itself.  A solid well built racquet from a great squash company, Black Knight.

Characteristics of the Black Knight 8110 Super Lite Classic Squash Racquet:

Frame: HMG, kevlar, S-2 glass fibre

Designed for: Serious novice to professional
Characteristics: Solid feel, huge sweetspot, reliable performance and lots of power earned the 8110 Classic a loyal following of players.

String : SuperNick
Recommended Tension : 25-29lbs lbs
Rigidity Index : 91
Avg. Frame Weight : 155 g
String Area : 497 cm2
Dynamic Weight : 155

Racquet comes strung and without a cover